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Contact Information:  Map to Nabesna at bottom of the page

The best way to contact us is by Email:


For best results, in the "Subject Line" include the species of animal you would like hunt.  We have a satellite dish for our Internet service.



If you would like to contact us be Phone:

Because we have no hard-line phone service at Nabesna, contacting us by phone can be challenging.  We have invested in a number of different phone systems, they each have some pro's and con's to use:


As of August 09, 2011 the best way to contact us is by phone is this number:

1-707-400-6848 Our Skype phone number. For some reason they do not have or offer Alaska area code numbers.

Pro: Rings right at our main office at Nabesna. We have an answering machine connected to this number.

Con: It is a satellite type phone so there is a little delay.


Alternate phone numbers:

1-907-822-5312 Our radio phone.

Pro: Rings right at our main office at Nabesna.

Con: Most people say that it is very hard to hear us. It is only a "one way" at a time system, like a walky-talky. Also because it is a radio phone there is no message machine connected.


1-907-339-9329 Message phone



Mailing Address:

Devils Mountain Lodge

Kirk and Gennie Ellis

Mile 42 Nabesna Road

HC 63 Box 1415

Gakona, Alaska 99586

To find us on GoogleMaps, just search for: Devils Mountain Lodge Airport

This is our old map below.

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Please send me a email if something on this site doesn't work.


Sheep • Moose • Bear

Whats new | About Us | References | Videos | Prices | Contact Us | Pictures | Pictures | FAQ


Ellis Big Game Guides operates on the Chugach National Forest under a special use permit issued by the US Forest Service

Devil's Mt. Guiding Svc. dba Ellis Big Game Guides is authorized by NPS, Dept of Interior, to serve the public in the Wrangell-St. Elias Nat'l P & P


Devils Mountain Lodge LLC, its associated contract labor, and any employees that may be hired in the future, shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability or by curtailing or refusing to furnish accommodations, facilities, services, or use privileges offered to the public generally.